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Coroyawa Pro 20* (now on sale)

A model with an excellent balance between "shock absorption" which reduces the risk of femur fractures, and "stability during movement" and "weight capacity" which are important during nursing and care. It has been adopted at medical institutions and nursing homes.

*Former product name "Coroyawa Pro 27".

A new "mat type" was launched in November 2020. It is thinner, less slippery to place, and lighter.
Just by placing it at the bedside, you can easily take measures fractures from falling in the facility. The slope can be selected according to the situation and the layout of the room and bed. The slope can be installed on two or three sides.
There is also an "installation type" that installs the "Coroyawa Pro" in the entire room or in a part of the room.

<CoroyawaPro20  mat type> 

The "mat type," which does not require installation, is ideal for those who want to focus on preventing falls and fractures around the bed. The mat type can be carried around.

(1) Slope type and standard size

 The key to choosing the right type and size is to pay attention to the position of the bed in the room!

・A 2-sided slope is best when the short side of the bed is in contact with the wall of the room.

・A 3-sided slope is best when the long side of the bed is in contact with the wall of the room.

*If you need a special size other than the standard size, please contact us for a quote.

<Examples of combinations of types and sizes>

<Example of installation in a 4-person room>

(2) Pricing

  • Reference monthly fee (tax included): 4,400 yen or more
  • Reference sales price (tax included): 44,000 yen and up

The price will vary depending on the number of units used and the availability of custom sizes. For details on costs, please request a quote.

<Coroyawa Pro 20 Installation type (full/partial)>

In addition to the bedside, it is ideal when you want to increase the safety of the entire private room. Can be installed in restrooms as well as living rooms. It can be installed on the entire surface of a room, etc., or partially (the installation type cannot be carried around).

  • Reference monthly fee: 2,200 yen (tax included)/㎡ *In case of rental

In addition to the monthly fee, the processing, installation, and travel expenses are required for the installation type. The cost will vary depending on the usage location, installation area, and other specifications. For details on costs, please request a quote.

Features of "Coroyawa

Provides both hardness when walking and shock absorption when you fall.

The "variable rigidity structure" inside the Coroyawa is designed and manufactured by applying the concept of mechanical metamaterials. The structure achieves load characteristics that cannot be achieved with materials.

 (Patent pending: Patent Application 2019-217550)

The amount of sinkage will vary depending on the specifications of the Coroyawa (surface material, thickness, etc.).

1) Stability when walking/wheelchair use

Less sinking when walking or using a wheelchair, achieving "stability when walking/moving in a wheelchair.

2) Shock absorbency

When falling from a chair or bed, transferring to a wheelchair, or walking, the product sinks significantly, achieving "shock absorption" that reduces the risk of femur fractures.

3) Weight capacity

It can withstand the weight of a bed and can be used in a variety of locations (slopes can be installed) Can be installed using the same construction method as OA floors and can be used not only for new construction but also for renovation.


Stability during walking 

We conducted an evaluation of the older adults' one-legged vertebral balance when using the Coroyawa. The mean values of the mean duration of the open-legged state are shown in Table 1. The measured values for each subject are shown in (Fig. 1).

Table 1: Average values for each measurement

Figure 1: FR for each subject. Time to hold the feet up while standing One-leg standing time

Shock Absorption at the time of falling

A drop-weight impact test* was conducted to determine the shock-absorbing properties of Coroyawa in the event of a fall.

The results show that Coroyawa has the highest shock absorption of all mats and flooring materials, with a load on the femur of 1,650N.

According to Okuizumi et al., the threshold for fracture load in the femur of patients with osteoporosis Femur fracture load with osteoporosis is considered to be 2,166 N. Only Coroyawa, Joint Mat and Shock Absorption Mat A were found to be below this threshold.

Figure 2: Load exerted on the femur by drop-weight impact test

(*)Falling Weight Impact Test... A weight was dropped from above the vertical axis and impacted on a model simulating the thigh of a Japanese woman with a high frequency of occasional falls.

The weight was made from a stack of steel plates with a surface area of 300 mm x 300 mm and a thickness of 30 mm, with a mass of 11 kg (equivalent to the energy of a fall by a person of 150 cm in length and 40 kg in weight), and the height of the fall was 230 mm. A load cell was placed at the apex of the macula to detect the load trochanteric section exerted on the femur.

This test was carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Yoshino, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Nagoya University.

Product Specifications

The surface material can be freely changed upon request.


  1. Cushioning material: Elastomer
  2. Surface material: Polyvinyl chloride sheet

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